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Ava Homa

Award-winning transnational author & activist

Ava Homa is a renowned transnational author, activist, and speaker, whose work in fiction and advocacy has garnered global recognition. Her  voice has resonated with audiences worldwide through her contributions to publications such as the Globe and Mail, Guardian, BBC, New Statesman, LiteraryHub, and Literary Review of Canada.

Her debut novel, Daughters of Smoke and Fire, has received significant acclaim, earning her the prestigious 2020 Silver Nautilus Award for fiction and placing her as a finalist for the esteemed 2022 William Saroyan Writing Prize. This compelling work delves into the complexities of Kurdish realities and has been selected for numerous book clubs such as Roxane Gay's book club, the Unplugged Book Box, Women for Women International, and Book Browse. Homa's collection of short stories, Echoes from the Other Land, was nominated for the esteemed 2011 Frank O'Connor Short Story Prize and emerged as one of the ten winners of the 2011 CBC Reader's Choice Contest. With a master's degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of Windsor in Canada and another in English Language and Literature from Allameh Tabataba'i University in Tehran, Homa possesses a profound understanding of literary craftsmanship and cross-cultural perspectives.

Beyond her literary accomplishments, Homa's influence extends to the realm of advocacy and public speaking. She has delivered speeches at universities and at venues like the United Nations in Geneva, where she has shed light on the Kurdish and Iranian women's movements, the power of writing as a form of resistance, and the significance of amplifying marginalized voices.


Homa's expertise in creative writing has allowed her to conduct workshops for writers from diverse backgrounds and age ranges, while also serving as a judge for writing contests and grants. As a passionate advocate, she has contributed to the literary landscape through her service on the  board of the Women's Voices Now, and Write Magazine and has served as the second vice chair on the National Council of The Writers' Union of Canada.

Ava Homa's writing embodies lyrical prose, an authentic voice, and an unflinching exploration of the human experience. Her writing illuminates complex social issues while engaging readers with accessible narratives. Drawing from her intimate knowledge of Kurdish and Iranian culture and her own personal experiences as an exiled, stateless writer, Homa infuses her storytelling with authenticity and depth.

Ava provides authenticity/sensitivity reads and developmental editing services

PEN Lecturer-in-Residence

George Brown College, Toronto, 2012 - 2013



Joy Kogawa Historic House, Vancouver, BC, 2013

 R.D. Lawrence, Minden Hill, Ontario, 2012


Freedom to Read Award 

Jury for 2016

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