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Short Stories


"Graduation." Apt Magazine. July 2018. 

“Nameless Stones.” Room Magazine. Summer 2018. Issue: 41.2. Toronto.

"Just Like Googoosh." Reorient. March 2013. 

“A Rose for Raha,” (short story). Still (literary Art Book), Negative Press, London, September 2012.

“After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?” (short story). OffSIDE: January 2012: Windsor.

 “Silent Conversation” (short story). The Toronto Quarterly. Issue #8, November 2011: Toronto.

“A River of Milk and Honey” (short story). Windsor Review. Fall 2010: Windsor.

"On Terror and Glimpses of Defiance." Toronto Star. 

"Why Resistance is Foundational to Kurdish Literature." LitHub

Theatre Review: "End Days" "Oliver!" "Lend me a Tenor" "Flight" "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder."

Literary Review of Canada: "A Long Way from Home" &  "When Multiculturalism Fell Into the Sea"

Herizons: "Iranian Women &Hijab Law." "Beauty is Duty and Crime."


BookReview: Zadie Smith's "Swing Time."
"Do Not Say We Have Nothing" by Madeline Thien & more at Herizons.

Toronto Star: "Letter from Kurdish Exile" & "My Country, Iran"

Open Democracy: "Increasing Rhetoric on Women's Rights in Iran." "The Women of Peshmerga

Iran Human Rights Review: "From Self-Reign to Self-Immolation: Kurdish women's past and present."

PEN: "Echoes in Exile" ,"The Past is Another Country"

BBC Persian:  "Women and Election" & "Women's movement in Iran."


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